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Manaslu Heli Tour


Mt. Manaslu (8156 m) is the eighth tallest mountain of the world and is associated with the spirit according to mythology. The name of this mountain is originated from Sanskrit word “Manas” which means spirit of mountains. As the myth suggests the area is very scenic, mystical and mythical. One can have plethora of splendid natural resources, multicultural people and snowcapped Himalayan Mountains. To reach this destination we require enormous effort of walking the detour having uphill and downhill. Lots of streams and green lush forests have to be traversed in order to get glimpse of such a natural beauty. However, it is possible to explore entire Manaslu region of Nepal in just a day’s trip. Manaslu Heli Tour package is designed in such a way that travelers can get astounding experience of Manaslu Trekking route along with the chance to explore earthquake epicenter Barpak Village.

Manaslu Heli Tour in Nepal is very rare among travel organizing agencies based in Nepal. Lots of helicopter tour organizers in Nepal focus on either Everest or Annapurna region of Nepal Trekking. However, this region too has so many splendors of Mother Nature. Apart from the marvelous mountains, waterfalls and forest hills to gaze at travelers will get chance to have breakfast or lunch at Barpak Village. This village was the epicenter of 2015 earthquake which tolled many properties and lives. You can observe the damage made by such devastating natural disaster. This helicopter tour in Nepal would be natural voyage as well as philanthropic entourage.

Hurry up and grab your seats for amazing Manaslu Heli Tour in Nepal. You will be blessed by the Himalayan range of Annapurna, Dhaulagiri and Manaslu range along with some Tibetan Mountains. The scenery of unique amalgamation between mountains and Nepal’s hilly area looks spectacular. Moreover, time spent in Barpak Village would be momentous for your to understand the pain and suffering of people after 2015-earthquake in Nepal.


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