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Heli Rescue

There are plenty of places where adventure lovers can embark on for the remarkable walking holiday. While traversing through high altitude terrain thin air and lack of adequate oxygen might cause life threatening issues. On such emergency situations travelers should be immediately taken care of by medical assistance. During numerous high altitude trekking journey or peak climbing journey in Nepal lots of people get victim of altitude sickness. The major treatment for altitude sickness is decreasing the altitude level. In order to do so helicopter is the only reliable quick mode. Therefore, we created this Heli Rescue Package.

If you are in the middle of nowhere up above near the mountains and stranded; you can call for immediate help. Heli Rescue operations save numerous lives. There are so many people who get stuck in mountains or crevasses. Specially trained manpower and specially crafted helicopters are used for the rescue missions. Most of these missions are carried out during peak climbing, expeditions and high altitude trekking. High Altitude Sickness can take lives of people and immediate response to such situations is key factor behind successful preservation of life. There are numerous travel companies in Nepal which sells the helicopter tours as well as trekking trips. We might be the only company who has trained rescue officers. Regardless of the extreme conditions your safe evacuation from the incident place is our major objective. Our office crew members are standby 24/7 to receive any emergency requests. You are advised to take note of our contact details and coordinates before departing for the high altitude tour.

It is also highly recommended that before going on a trip of high altitude adventure getting valid and correct Insurance is main element not to be missed. This kind of habit can save thousands of dollars while using the Heli Rescue activity. Choose us as your emergency rescue provider. Enhance your confidence while traversing to high altitude alluring destinations of Nepal. Your safety and security is our concern.

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